Getting Started

GitConsensus makes it possible to automate project governance on GitHub by using “reactions” as a voting mechanism to automatically merge (or close) pull requests.


On the GitConsensusApp Page on Github find the Configure button to start. From there you can select where to install it to.

Once installed each repository which should be managed by GitConsensus needs a .gitconsensus.yaml file to define the consensus rules used by the project. Repositories without this file will simply be ignored. A variety of example files exist to help get started, and these recommended consensus rules should be a great starting point for most projects.


Votes are made by using reactions on the top level comment of the Pull Request.

Shows vote totals, vote breakdown and vote results for a sample project

An Abstain vote counts when calculating quorum but is discarded when checking to see if the vote passed.

Voting for more than one option can be disabled on a per project basis.

Label Overrides

Any pull request with a WIP or DONTMERGE label (case insensitive) will be skipped over.