GitConsensus makes it possible to automate project governance on GitHub by using “reactions” as a voting mechanism to automatically merge (or close) pull requests.

GitConsensus Merge Comment


On the GitConsensusApp Page on Github find the Configure button to start. From there you can select where to install it to.

Once installed each repository which should be managed by GitConsensus needs a .gitconsensus.yaml file to define the consensus rules used by the project. Repositories without this file will simply be ignored. A variety of example files exist to help get started, and these recommended consensus rules should be a great starting point for most projects.


Votes are made by using reactions on the top level comment of the Pull Request.

Yes No Abstain
+1 -1 confused

An Abstain vote counts when calculating quorum but is discarded when checking to see if the vote passed.

Voting for more than one option can be disabled on a per project basis.

Consensus Rules

The file .gitconsensus.yaml needs to be placed in the repository to be managed. Any rule set to false or omitted will be skipped.

A good place to start is with these recommended settings. The most likely initial changes that most projects will want to make are the quorum (the minimum number of votes needed before merging), the merge_delay (how minimum about of time the vote will stay open before merging), and the threshold (the percentage of yes votes needed).

# Which version of the consensus rules to use
version: 3

# Add extra labels for the vote counts and age when merging
extra_labels: false

# Don't count any vote from a user who votes for multiple options
prevent_doubles: true

# The following only applies to pull requests

  # Minimum number of voters
  quorum: 5

  # Required percentage of "yes" votes (ignoring abstentions)
  threshold: 0.65

  # Only process votes by contributors
  contributors_only: false

  # Only process votes by collaborators
  collaborators_only: false

  # When defined only process votes from these github users
    - alice
    - carol

  # When defined votes from these users will be ignored
    - bob
    - dan

  # Number of hours after last action (commit or opening the pull request) before issue can be merged
  merge_delay: 12

  # Number of votes from contributors at which the mergedelay gets ignored, assuming no negative votes.
  delay_override: 6

  # When `delayoverride` is set this value is the minimum hours without changes before the PR will be merged
  merge_delay_min: 1

  # Require this amount of time in hours before a PR with a license change will be merged.
  licensed_delay: 72

  # Require this amount of time in hours before a PR with a consensus change will be merged.
  consensus_delay: 72

  # Do not allow license changes to be merged.
  license_lock: true

  # Do not allow consensus changes to be merged.
  consensus_lock: true

  # Number of hours after last action (commit or opening the pull request) before issue is autoclosed
  timeout: 720

Label Overrides

Any Pull Request with a WIP or DONTMERGE label (case insensitive) will be skipped over.